‘let my holy spirit tend to the nervous system of my body’

SOMA has a rich history that stems from the International Anglican Conference, on spiritual renewal, which was held prior to the 1978 Lambeth Conference. Bishops, clergy and lay people gathered and many prophetic words were spoken, including ‘Let my Holy Spirit tend to the nervous system of my body’, which was a word that birthed SOMA, Sharing of Ministries Abroad. Ministering through the power of the Holy Spirit, for the transformation of individuals, churches and the healing of communities and lands, we are dedicated to fostering the renewal of the Church world-wide.

SOMA co-ordinates teams, both clergy and lay people for short-term cross-cultural missions to fulfill this prophetic call by way of:

  • building relationships through mission
  • ministering, to facilitate encounter with the Holy Spirit to empower and equip leaders for their own context, communities and mission.
  • equipping, encouraging and teaching, with the view to enabling the Church to fulfill the ‘Great Commission’ of our Lord Jesus Christ. (SOMA does not have a set curriculum or program, each mission is unique and flexible to address the needs of the inviting host).

Typically, a team of five or six travel to a Deanery at the invitation of the Bishop, to facilitate retreat conferences for clergy, women leaders, youth leaders, congregational leaders, students and congregation. SOMA Australia is currently working in partnership with the Diocese of Singapore, who has invited us to minister within the countries of Nepal, Vietnam and Indonesia. We commit to one mission within each country per year and over a three year period. Our missions can have a duration of one to three weeks, with many seeing us travelling to different areas across each country.

SOMA Australia seeks to engage in mission here within Australia also, and welcomes invitations from parishes with a desire for a renewal of mission and ministry into their own local community. Building the body of Christ to be the instrument of building God’s Kingdom for a time such as this.

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