Come Holy Spirit…

As we draw near to celebrating Pentecost, may we not allow it to come and go without intentional reflection, prayer and action. To assist us to journey through the season of Pentecost with hope, and expectation for the Holy Spirit to renew the church, you may like to participate in ARNA’s (Anglican Renewal Network Australia) Online Pentecost Retreat, delivered daily (Monday to Friday) over 5 weeks, beginning today 30th May 2022. Take 10 minutes of your day, or linger longer, listening to reflections from the Word of God, soaking in God’s presence and preparing to partner in God’s will for such time.

The Pentecost Retreat can be found by visiting

Get involved!!! God desires to shift atmospheres in this world, shining light into darkness, bringing back life to dry bones, and restoration to the chaos in the lives of His children whom He loves so dearly. Come Holy Spirit and change OUR hearts, that we may humble ourselves to take your lead, be empowered by you to do just as our Lord Jesus modeled and all the more you desire.

To God be the glory!

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