Dear SOMA Supporters and Parishes… Thank you!

Firstly, Rev Liz (SOMA National Director) and Bishop Ian (SOMA Chair) would like to thank you for being a SOMA supporter.  Should you be reading this as an individual or as part your Parish Missions’ Committee, may God bring abundant blessings to your local ministry context as you also consider the needs of the world mission – that all may know the Gospel of Jesus and the power of the resurrection in their lives.

We have some significant news to share, and fresh opportunities for SOMA ministry now that the world is learning how to live with COVID.  And to be candid, we cannot meet the upcoming ministry opportunities without further financial support.  Below are four opportunities that SOMA has, to make an impact for the Kingdom, and we encourage you to pray and identify these initiatives is worthy of your support.

Nepal November 2022 – SOMA Australia is sending a team to Nepal to assist in the inaugural Anglican Women’s Conference in Kathmandu with follow-up meetings in Pokhara. Our team will be led by Rev Liz our National Director and be bolstered by a couple from the Diocese of Gippsland, which includes a first time SOMA Missionary.

Indonesia May 2023 – A SOMA Team from Newcastle and Sydney are planning to assist a Medical Mission Team from the Diocese of Singapore. Our team would provide pastoral support to patients as well as encouraging local pastors with night-time community rallies. Three of the Team will be first-time team members – the youngest 18yr old.

Vietnam September 2023 – Since SOMA’s last visit to Hanoi there has been a new Anglican church plant in Halong. A teaching and ministry team of 6 will be encouraging and equipping church leaders in the North and assisting the leaders and folk in HCMC (Saigon) with raising the next generation of leaders in a country with an emerging interest in Christianity.

Rwanda & Beyond Apr 2023 – The International SOMA Board will meet in Rwanda in April next year before spreading out with their mission teams to either Tanzania or Congo. SOMA Australia is planning to send 4 clergy from Melbourne and Geelong Diocese.  

The African continent is not normally considered to be on SOMA Australia’s radar simply because of the cost of travel.  All SOMA mission teams commence as self-funding, yet on occasions we have been able to offset their costs when funds are available.

3 John: 5-8 speaks of how those who offer hospitality and support to travelling missions become co-workers with the truth.  If you can support these initiatives, you will be a co-worker with our mission teams, and we will commit to providing special updates as the Team prepares and enters the mission field.

If you would like a deputation team of SOMA ministers/speakers to visit your church, please let us know so we may coordinate a visit at a suitable time.

Your generous donation can be made by direct deposit to:

SOMA Australia

BSB: 032 681

Account: 286 361

Please be sure to let us know your donation is coming through, by emailing us at, we will then return a thank you letter and receipt.

Yours in Christ

Rev Liz Rankin                                                                                         Bishop Ian Lambert

National Director                                                                                    SOMA Chair

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