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Prayer and intercession

If you would like to become a SOMA supporter, the first thing we need are your prayers. Team members on mission are doing God’s work, and whether you believe in the supernatural or not, the team face spiritual opposition in the areas they visit. For every mission that goes out, SOMA need supporters ‘back home’ to continue praying for protection, words of knowledge, leadership, and the power of Holy Spirit to be demonstrated in the place they visit.

SOMA Intercessors take on a vital role for each SOMA mission. Our Intercessors are sustained by regular Prayer Briefings and they support teams with live, two-way information by email when SOMA missions are abroad.

How Intercession works on a Mission

Prayer cover is essential for any SOMA mission and works like this: Each member of a SOMA team recruits personal Intercessors whose role is to pray for them in particular for the week before and during the mission, and for the month afterwards. The team member appoints one of these Intercessors as the link person between them and our SOMA Intercessors’ Coordinator for the mission, maintaining contact with their personal intercessors by email.

The personal Intercessors receive from the link person emails from our SOMA Intercessors’ Coordinator which contain news and requests from the team. In return, the link people email the SOMA coordinator the insights, words, pictures, scriptures etc. that the personal Intercessors get as they cover each team member in prayer. The coordinator then passes these onto the team on mission.

To get involved with our regular prayer network or for more information about becoming more deeply involved in intercession for SOMA Australia please contact Rev Liz Rankin, National Director –

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Is this for you?

The thought of “going on a mission” can be daunting for some people, others find it an exciting prospect. Either way, if you think God is prompting you to investigate, you’re in the right spot.

SOMA Teams are made up of both clergy and lay people of differing experience. Although some training in ministry would be of benefit, it isn’t required. Once applications to become a team member are checked and cleared all members are then trained for the mission before leaving (each location varies). Materials are continually being produced and updated to assist team members before, during, and after mission experiences.

A mission can range from one to three weeks in a diocese, the following tasks are usually conducted:

  • Talking and leading seminars
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Sharing with parish or community groups
  • Preaching / sharing at Sunday services in the visiting parishes
  • Ministry times / praying with and for people

The host diocese (usually) meets the cost of accommodation and hospitality. The cost of travel and admin fees (visas, immunisations etc.) is the responsibility of the team members. Approximate costs are known beforehand, and team members are encouraged to obtain support from their local church.

Mission trips are planned for Nepal, Vietnam and Indonesia.  Want to be part of the next mission trip? Please contact us via email:

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Using our God given gifts

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Support SOMA financially

If you would like to support the ministry and mission of SOMA Australia, financial contributions can be made through electronic transfer of funds to the following SOMA account:

Account Name: Sharing of Ministries Abroad

BSB: 032 681 Account No: 286361

Your financial support of the ministry and mission of SOMA will allow SOMA to continue the work God has called them to.

SOMA parish visits

If you would like to have one of our team visit your local parish across Australia, to hear more about the work and ministry of SOMA, or to facilitate an in country mission, please contact us to arrange an appropriate time.