So what does is mean to share in ministries for mission?

One of the greatest gifts God has given his people is, the Holy Spirit. Our advocate, guide and the one who empowers and activates the body of Christ in building God’s Kingdom here on earth. Under the leadership and the direction of the Diocesan bishop, team members partner with the Holy Spirit to teach, encourage, empower and equip the local church to ‘go… make disciples… baptise and teach’ within their own communities knowing that Jesus is with them ‘even to the end of the age’. (Matthew 28:19-20)

SOMA is a short term mission agency, dedicated to fostering the renewal of the church world-wide, with a view to enabling and equipping the Church to fulfil the ‘Great Commission’ of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each of us have are gifted by the Spirit (sometimes even before we know it ourselves) to serve alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ, and stepping into the mission fields is a perfect place to allow God to what God wants to do in and through us.

what mission with soma has been like for team members

I was very pleased to be a member of a Team led by Bishop Ian Lambert to visit Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi. The team consisted of four members: Three from Canberra, Australia (Bishop Ian, his wife Jill and myself) and Rev. Henry Blair (Director of SOMA Ireland) of Kesh, Northern Ireland. We spent a week in each city and were warmly welcomed in both church communities, being overwhelmed by their generosity in shared meals and friendly fellowship. For Hanoi it was a return mission endeavour, SOMA teams having been twice before, but for Saigon, it was a first visit. What a blessing it was for me personally to be part of this wonderful outreach experience. Being my first mission, I was not certain as to just how it might eventuate. However, by its completion, I was well convinced of the value of such Christian endeavour to support God’s kingdom abroad and to be strengthened through such service. We went well prepared, with essential prayer cover and organised talks; kept succinct for easy translation. We had also had a couple of opportunities to meet and talk with Rev Henry through ‘Face Time’, but how much better it was meeting and working with him in person. Our talks included topics on Healing in the Church, The Authority of God, Fruit & Gifts of the Spirit, Entering the Presence of God, Forgiveness, Holy Spirit Ministry and an Introduction to Spiritual Warfare.

By Rev Clem watts: 2018

What an awesome GOD we serve! Well, our mission to Nepal was absolutely GOD PLANNED. I was blessed to be part of the team along with Teresa, Carolyn and Jon. One word to summarise this team is “unshakeable”. With the circumstances that we faced, I can definitely say it was like seeing the Spirit of Light colliding with darkness. During one ministry time, as Teresa and Carolyn unleashed their God-given teaching gift, people started to be released to draw near to this wonderful GOD we serve. There were two beautiful 90-year-old ladies walking 3 hours each way every day to be at the meeting. On the second day, they gave a wonderful testimony: after receiving prayer something changed and they found themselves jogging back to the village. They came to realise that they had received supernatural strength to overcome hardship. Normally they would arrive back at the village after dark (keep in mind there are tigers and bears in the jungles), but this time they couldn’t believe it was still daylight when they arrived back. These ladies experienced the power and goodness of GOD They will never be the same again. I could go on with so much more but you can experience this as well. If you are thinking of going on a mission, pray, trust GOD and just GO! You will come back changed, as you give your time and energy for His purpose you will receive a double portion in return. I’m a living testimony! Big thank you to those who cared for us through prayer, you were very much part of the team as well.

By Simi Letoa: 2018

hear from those who have received soma mission teams to their home country

Joining with the Holy Spirit to tend the nervous system of the body of Christ!